Weight loss has time and again been a nightmare haunting us and taking over our lifestyles. Ask an obese and he or she will tell you the torments and horror that they experience as they try to gain shape. The numerous visits to the local physician and nutritionist. The workout sessions that they dread going to. Lets not even talk about the money spent in purchasing those weight loss drugs.
But many a times we tend to have the wrong information about weight loss. If you thought enrolling at your local gym and drafting a low-carb diet plan will do it, you are in for a shock. Weight loss as a matter of fact is a complex endocrine process that involves various systems of the body. Even your brain plays a role in your weight loss.

  1. Body metabolism
    Metabolism is a complex series of reactions that occur in the liver. It involves the breakdown of glucose and carbohydrates to produce energy needed for the normal running of the body.
    When you withdraw the intake of carbs in your body, your lower the blood sugar level. This will stimulate the pancreas to lower the production of insulin hormone and increase the production of glucagon, adrenaline and other hormones to regulate the blood sugar level.
    Glucagon synthesizes the body to convert the stored fats as glycogen in the body to mobile fats and glucose that is taken to the liver and other muscles. This is known as glycogenolysis.
    Another process is ketosis. The increased production of glucagon stimulates the adipose tissue to release fine fatty acids. These fatty acids are absorbed the liver and converted into ketone bodies. Now the ketone bodies and fatty acids produce energy for the body tissues like the brain and red blood cells.
    All this processes use up the stored fats in the body which result in the lose of body weight.
  2. Insulin
    The body in general is maintained by a homeostatic process that seeks to ensure the body is functioning even in change of environment or other external factors.
    Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that is responsible for regulating the blood sugar level. When the level of sugar is high in the blood it is produced in high amounts and vice versa when the blood sugar level is low.
    What insulin does is to ‘instruct’ the leptin hormone to increase fat storage cells when the sugar level is more. This way, it stimulates the production of fats (lipogenesis) in the body and inhibits the burning of it ( lipolysis) since it makes it inaccessible by the body for use.
    It can be controlled by taking  low carb diets to reduce the level of insulin in the body.
  3. Leptin
    Talk of weight loss, then leptin should be the hormone coming into mind. It is normally referred to as the ‘starvation’ or ‘master’ hormone for its huge role in the body.
    Leptin hormone is secreted by the fat cells in the body. It sends signals to the brain telling it if there is more or less fat in the body.
    When there is a lot of carbs intake in the body it results in accumulation of fats cells in the body. This in turn results in increase production of leptin hormone. It sends message to the hypothalamus ‘telling’ there is more fat in the body. This way, the hypothalamus will signal and induce the necessary mechanisms to reduce the amount of carbs intake and increase energy expedition. When there is low accumulation of fats, the leptin sends word to the brain to increase carbs intake and reduce energy expedition.
    People suffering from obesity have leptin resistance, which is a faulty one. The brain fails to recognize the increased amount of leptin and does the opposite, assumes the body is in starvation mode hence increasing carbs intake. This is why obese people find it hard losing weight. They have increased appetite yet they are trying to lose weight.
  4. Thyroid
    Thyroid is another hormone that plays a part in weight gain/loss. It is produced by the thyroid glands. Thyroid is responsible for regulating the body metabolism. The body metabolism in turn plays a role in weight loss.
    Low thyroid levels in the body (hypothyroidism) are associated with low metabolic rate in the body. This means that you tend to gain weight if your thyroid levels are low since the body is expelling energy at a very low rate. Also accumulation of salts and water in the body since they are not being expelled may also contribute to those few weights gained
    High thyroid levels are associated with a higher metabolic rate. This results in high intake of calories to much the high metabolic rate. If one now fails to much the calories requirement needed by the body, he or she may shed some weight. However, this may have come with some negative consequences like use of the lean muscles due to the overactive metabolic rate.
  5. Low-carb diet
    This is another factor that one puts into consideration when studying about weight loss. But the deprival of calories to the body is of what significance?
    Carbohydrates and sugars are responsible for accumulation of fat in the body. Since they are in excess and not all is being used up by the body they get stored around body organs and tissues. This way they pose a threat to the functioning of the organs and slow their working rate, which in turn has other adverse negative effects.
    Low-carb diet lowers the insulin level in the blood. It will send the body into a starvation mode, and in need of more glucose to satisfy the demand. Glucagon hormone will facilitate conversion of this glycogen into mobile glucose and make it accessible by the body
    Low insulin will also trigger the kidney to shed of the excess sodium and water, resulting in shedding of some pounds.

Weight loss is accumulative process that incorporates a lot of biochemical and physical understanding of your body. You will soon discover that the diet alone may not be the silver bullet that can take down weight gain. After all, to win, you have to lose.

  1. HCG Diet
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